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August 12, 2022

Shieldmaiden by Dhorin Fireheart

"We've made a remix of Dhorin Fireheart's epic song Shieldmaiden! Went into space disco territory on this one. Hope you'll enjoy it!  Great fun as always to collaborate with Dhorin Fireheart!"

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August 08, 2022

Our Love

Contains five tracks

  1. I've been waiting
  2. This is crazy
  3. Truth, trust and love
  4. My heart beats for us
  5. True love

"Our Love is a story of when we first met until today in the form of an EP with five tracks - electronic dream pop.
Our Love contains five songs that describe the feeling of finally daring to come out and that it turns out to be highest prize in the lottery of love. The love develops to be about more than a crush, it's about truth, trust and love - how crazy it is and how true love then emerges in deep security and presence - our true love."

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November 29, 2021


"Mental illness is the theme of this song. When everything feels hopeless and the hard thoughts don't want to go away - you feel devastated. At the same time, there is always hope. And there is help to be had. Ask for help! Break the stigma! Michael sings for the first time - and in Swedish.

How did this song came to be? Daniel sat and went through songs he had made many years ago, this beat was from 2013. Michael sat on the couch and listened when he suddenly said: “turn on the microphone and record this”. In one single take, both song melody and lyrics came out of him and the song was created. The song is deeply personal and that’s why Michael is singing it."

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July 09, 2021


Debut single!

"The song came to be in a social vacuum during the summer 2020 in the middle of the covid pandemic. We had a rough time and longed to dance and have fun with our friends again.

To cope with the worst moments we meditated alot and in this song we wanted to blend the club house sound with meditation. We've learned to not take anything for granted. It's important to live here and now because you never know what will happen - nobody thought we would be locked in our homes for more than a year…"

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